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Our Production Lineup

At Saint Dominic Media, we believe in the power of the Word and in the power of sharing the Word through captivating media. We have a passion for evangelization and effective apologetics. We create a wide variety of artistically crafted productions. Saint Dominic Media is located in the mission diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, but we reach people all over the world with the good news of our Catholic faith. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Catholic in America
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Made for Glory
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World So Loved
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Apologética Católica
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Distilled Faith
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More About Saint Dominic Media


We have viewers all over the globe, from the U.S., to Austrialia, to Europe, who tune in each week to learn about the Catholic faith! Saint Dominic Media is making a real impact in the New Evangelization!

But to continue making the show, we need your support! Without patrons like you, we cannot afford to continue producing the show. From lighting, studio space, editors, cameramen, and more, the collective support of our patrons ensures we can continue making new episodes of Saint Dominic Media!

That’s why we ask you to consider supporting us on Patreon! In return for your support, we have amazing gifts we would like to give you! It doesn’t cost a lot of money to join, (as little as $5 a month) but collectively, our supporters make a huge impact!