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Catholic Priest and Baptist Pastor Face Off!

Catholic in America

On this special episode of Catholic in America, Father Michael and Father Doug are joined by Pastor Steve Taylor. Father Doug moderates the conversation while Father Michael and Pastor Steve go toe to toe, defending their theological perspectives.


00:00 – Introduction
03:30 – Question 1 – Who is Jesus to you?
06:50 – Question 2 – What is your view of salvation? Are we saved by faith or works?
16:26 – Question 3 – Is the Bible the ultimate source of authority?
20:55 – Question 4 – Do you believe Catholics are guilty of idolatry for worshiping or venerating statues and images?
27:17 – Question 5 – Is confessing your sins to a priest necessary?
33:38 – Question 6 – What do you believe about baptism?
37:20 – Question 7 – Were the first Christians Catholic?
43:00 – Question 8 – What is the greatest thing we share as followers of Jesus Christ and how can that unite us in serving our Lord?
47:47 – Conclusion


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