Why This Millennial Became a Catholic Priest

Catholic in America

Why would anyone want to become a priest?

On this episode of Catholic in America, Father Richard Graham answers your questions about the vocation of priesthood.

We discuss:
• The impact of the sex abuse scandal
• Living a celibate life
• The truth about exorcisms
• Challenges of the priesthood

00:00 – Introduction
01:22 – What made you choose priesthood?
4:42 – Did friends try to talk you out of it?
7:09 – How have you responded to objections to the priesthood?
8:52 – You don’t look like a priest…
11:07 – Did flawed church history concern you?
13:37 – The impact of the sex abuse scandals
18:37 – Celibacy
23:11 – Exorcisms
25:45 – What challenges have you faced in being a priest?
29:48 – What is the biggest challenge facing the church today?
31:48 – What would you say to someone interested in the priesthood?


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