Catholic in America is Back!

News   •   February 5, 2020


atholic in America finds itself at the intersection of faith and culture. No topic is out of bounds for co-hosts Father Michael Nixon, Father Tom Dillon, and Father Doug Martin. The three co-hosts engage head on with important topics that are on people’s minds. During each episode they bring the power of the Word to these often confusing, divisive, and rarely addressed (from a Catholic perspective) topics.

Catholic in America’s new format is a full length podcast (45mins – 1hr in length) and is shared on online social media platforms. A shortened version will continue to air on local TV stations throughout the panhandle. The new format is complimented by our brand new set and visually captivating graphics.

Five new episodes have been recorded using the new format: “Should Priests Marry?”; “Sex and Dating”; “Cancel Culture”; “Liberal vs. Conservative Catholics”; and “Gender.” In each episode, the co-hosts dissect the topic at hand in three distinct ways: what is the general consensus around the topic; why do people think this; and how does the church respond to this? Viewership and response to the material has been great.

Interested in watching the latest episode? You can check it out by clicking here.

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