New Series: World So Loved with Father Dustin Feddon

News   •   November 5, 2020


orld So Loved is a video podcast series that explores the mysteries of life and the universe through the lens of wonder. The podcast is hosted by Father Dustin Feddon who has a doctorate in Religion and is a priest in the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee. Father Dustin presents each episode of World So Loved in a way that allows viewers to enter into contemplation, opening them to the depths of mean- ing in their lives.

The episodes are broken up into series, each of which explores a different facet of the human condition. For instance, in series one the podcast covers both ancient and modern philosophies, as well as major scientific discoveries such as the Big Bang and the Copernican Revolution. During this first series listeners are drawn deeper into the mystery of the creator of the universe, of the majesty of God Himself.

In the second series, Father Dustin looks into one of the most difficult of human conditions, suffering, to show that through the lens of God, even suffering can make sense and draw us into a deeper relationship with our Creator. Father Dustin shows us that far from being left to fend for our- selves, God gave us a World so Loved.

Although this podcast is relatively new, it has gained quite a lot of attraction and has become a regular part of our lineup here at Saint Dominic Media.

New episodes are released weekly. You can view them at by clicking here.

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