Studio Open for Business

News   •   October 13, 2020

Blessed and ready for business. Our studio, as well as office, after over 18 months of extensive planning, research & design and plain hard work, is finally back in commission. The studio space has been converted from one set to three – a set for Catholic in America, a separate set for Made for Glory, and a third set for future production.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to two individuals in particular, Kyle O’Connor and Mark Kuczenski. Kyle’s creative vision gave us the stunning new set layouts, with its integrated lighting and equipment designs, which maximize the production workflow. Mark’s superb craftsmanship and expert building and facbricating skills, along with his tricks of the trade, so beautifully brought Kyle’s vision to life.

Unique Sets

Furnished with black leather chairs, natural wood accents, and the look of a polished concrete floor, the new Catholic in America set has a modern Scandinavian look and feels like relaxed, yet professional set. With the new set comes a new vision of both who we are called to reach and how we should reach out to them. Catholic in America now has a new format that addresses tough topics at the intersection of American culture and our Catholic faith.

One of our staple series, Made for Glory, received its own newly designed modern industrial set that allows us to record in-house. The brick facade combined with the dramatic lighting work to great effect, setting the perfect tone and mood for the series.

In the middle of the studio stands the newest addition to our trio of sets. It was designed to have a warm and inviting look while hosting several people on camera at once. Its chic barn wall works well with the warm lighting to create a welcoming ambiance. This is a great set to film a group conversation, live Q&A, or a single person production.

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